Bio beard hair transplant at reasonable prices in Turkey

Bio Beard Hair Transplant

Beard Hair Transplant in Turkey

For men, the beard can play a very important role. The beard is no fashion accessory, but certainly a style factor. It also belongs to the external appearance of the man like the hairstyle, the long or short hair and also style of cloth. The beard is a form of expression which is left to the man and has taken part and has survived different fashion phenomena throughout the centuries.

The beard can make a man’s face look more masculine or mature, even with younger men. Further, it can help to cover some defects. Acne or scars caused by injuries, for example, such as a very narrow chin, or other things or signs that might make one feel uncomfortable, can be compensated or hidden with a close grown beard very well. Also, for beards such as the stubble or the 3-day beard, one needs to have the properly desired effect which is fully-covered beard hair, otherwise the attempt looks unnatural on the face of the man.

Bio Barthaartransplantation

To help the beard grow

Not every man has naturally thick facial hair. Often, this is determined by genetics. Men with dark hair often also have stronger hair than blonde or red-haired men. Further, hormones can play a role and be responsible for rather poor beard growth. Nevertheless, for all this there is always an antidote. Who would like to get involved in hormone injection experiments, which have already been proven to be ineffective? One method which is guaranteed, requires little time spent, without the hope and waiting to be disappointed, is the hair transplant.

Beard Transplant – an affordable complete solution

Today, the beard transplant is not unusual any more. On the contrary, the high inquiry has led to the fact that more and more specialists for transplants have also turned to beard hair. Who suffers from thin beard hair or a lack of beard hair, can nowadays simply entrust himself into a specialist’s care who will ensure him a fully-fledged beard. At our clinic in Istanbul, we already have highly-experienced specialists who deal with beard transplants.

Due to lower personnel expenditure and cost of materials in Turkey, we can offer you a more favorable price compared with Germany. We also offer complete packages, including lodging, transport and if necessary, an interpreter, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Beard transplants with the most modern technology “Made in Germany”

You don’t have to compromise the quality or the specialist’s assessment. At our clinic in Istanbul, hair transplants have been carried out successfully for many years. We only work with the most modern technology, “Made in Germany”, and all devices and services are up to the highest standards.

Our specialist works with a team that is highly competent and excellently trained in this field. His employees always have the latest knowledge, which is guaranteed by the advanced trainings that they regularly attend.

You will only be here for a few hours in our clinic. The beard hair transplant takes place with local anaesthetic, specific to the area of treatment and shortly after you can return again to your hotel and enjoy the rest of your stay in Istanbul. Moreover, we will answer any question you have, at any time with the greatest pleasure. Simply call our English speaking hotline, contact us by email or WhatsApp: We are always here for you.

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