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Mega FUE

Hair transplants with FUE and Mega-FUE

FUE and Mega-FUE are two different concepts in the technology of hair transplants which nevertheless, in principle, are the same. You can find a brief summery about the technique here, and more information is available on our website.

How does the FUE method work?

FUE means “Follicular Unit Extraction”. With this method, single, small hair groups, called follicles or grafts, are extracted. These follicles are planted carefully at the places to be treated for sparse hair. The extraction of the single follicles is performed with extraction or hypodermic needles in the healthy, hirsute area. As a rule, the areas where the follicles are taken are shaved, depending on the quantity of follicles to be extracted.

What is Mega-FUE?

In principle, Mega-FUE is merely a more extensive version (Mega) of the FUE method.

With the Mega FUE method very large grafts are extracted from, for example, the back of the head. For larger bald spots a Mega-FUE procedure can make sense. To determine whether the Mega-FUE procedure is viable and necessary for you, including whether enough healthy hair exists to extract, please view the photos and read the discussion.

Large quantities of grafts are transplanted

With a Mega FUE treatment, 5000 and more grafts can be transplanted, so that larger bald spots can be covered in one session. With a regular FUE treatment, up to 4000 grafts can be transplanted.

With both treatments, the site of extraction will only be minimally affected. 5000 grafts sounds like a large amount, but in reality it is not. The bald on the top of the skull, usually larger areas than normal receding hairlines may require Mega FUE treatments. Our experts carry out FUE and Mega-FUE treatments regularly and can offer reliable advice.

Transplant without scars

The beauty with this minimum-invasive method is that no scars remain and that only one local anaesthesia is required The tiny grafts (follicles) are transplanted with little pricks in the region of the scalp being treated. One would not be able to detect any signs of follicles being removed.

Finally thick hair again

Thick hair is an essential element in an attractive appearance for many people. If the hair begins to thin, or one loses hair here and there or completely, it can have a negative effect on one’s self esteem. A hair transplant can help to boost confidence once again. With FUE and Mega-FUE treatments, you can feel safe. Nobody will be able to ascertain a difference.

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