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Hair Transplant Cost
Packages starting from £1099

At our clinic in Istanbul, we use a special formula solution rich in Biotin for the preservation and nurturing of the extracted hair. Immediately following extraction, the single hair groups (grafts) are immersed in our specially developed formula solution, and they remain there until they are re-implanted. The containers are kept in cold storage, which slows down the degradative intracellular processes - while the hair roots are in the cold, the degradative intracellular process cannot take place. The special solution also provides nutrients to hair roots and stimulates the growth process of the cells, thus directly counteracting the degradative intracellular processes. The combination ensures fresh hair roots which can adapt themselves to their new environment.

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Hair Transplant Cost with Bio-Grafts Packages starting from £1099


Medical Devices
Made in Germany - We only use German devices and instruments for our hair transplants
PRP Treatment
PRP treatment is included to reach higher growth rate
Mega - FUE
Mega-Treatments with up to 6000 grafts
Our packages include everything you need in Istanbul: Hotel, Transfer, Interpreter
30 Years Guarantee
We offer a guarantee of 30 years for all our treatments.
The grafts are stored in a Biotin containing solution
Experienced Team
Our staff is full of experts with long years of experience. They used to work with specialists.
Percutaneous Technique
The percutaneous technique guarantees a higher growth rate.
ICE - Grafts
The grafts will be stored in an ice cold solution

Bio Hair Transplant Cost

Bio-Grafts packages starting from £1099

The Bio FUE-Hair Transplant

The FUE Biohair technique was invented by us, it is exclusively used together with the hair transplant in our clinic. The process of the hair transplant:

  • Once you arrive to the clinic, we will do a preliminary examination. This preliminary examination contains a blood test and the analyze of your hair. For majority of our hair transplants it is necessary to cut the hair. In few cases it's not necessary to cut off the hair.

  • The FUE Hair transplant will be done under a local anesthetic, so that a pain-free and comfortable sitting can be guaranteed.

  • After the extraction, the extracted grafts will be stored in containers filled with the own-developed solution. They will stay there till they get implanted on the receiving area of the head. The containers are placed on plates that keep them ice cold.

  • The cold slows down the decay of the cells, while the grafts are cooled down, it comes almost no decay of cells. Despite that, the special biotin containing solution provides the grafts with nutrients and the faster growth of the cells.

BioHairClinic works in a team of specialist who can provide the best treatment for hair transplant in Turkey. We are offering the budget hair transplantation packages from £1099. In our Biohairclinic, we are backed by the high-tech equipment and all in-house facilities as we follow the modern hair transplant FUE technique to ensure the delivery of optimum results.
We are known as the most recommended specialist for hair transplant surgery in Turkey with a special solution that ensures the full growth of new hair. At our certified clinic, you would get all sterile operating rooms, WLAN facility along with a TV and a single package includes hotel, transfer, PRP treatment, blood tests as well as examination.
We have a team of plastic surgeons, a team of specialists as well as well-trained nurses who comply with the international standards. Our team is empowered by their immense hair transplantation experience in different result-oriented ways at very nominal prices.

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