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Hair Transplant Start your journey to feeling confident!

A hair transplant at Bio Hair Clinic is the only long-term solution to hair loss. Using the latest techniques, we help you to achieve more self-esteem and confidence in your appearance.

Over 15,000 patients have already been delighted with their results and recommend our team of experts to others.

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Illustration of a hair transplant process
Dr Ibrahim drawing a hairline onto a patient's head

Why have a Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is a persistent and distressing problem. You feel older, less attractive and your self-confidence suffers massively.

Hair transplantation is the only long-lasting solution to your hair loss. Our experts have already successfully treated over 15,000 patients. Furthermore, you can see the results in only 6-12 months.

The best thing is – thanks to the service of the Bio Hair Clinic, you don’t have to worry about the procedure and organisation. Everything is already taken care of by our team.

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98% Growth Rate

Using the most modern and innovative methods, our experts around Dr Ibrahim achieve a growth rate of 98%.

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99% Recommendation Rate

We focus on you and take your comments and wishes into account. That’s why 99% of our patients recommend us.

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With our OP-Camera we offer you absolute transparency and we record your hair transplant procedure which you get a copy of after your treatment.

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Our special bio-technique ensures that your hair follicles are perfectly prepared for transplantation. In this way, a perfect result is also achieved for you.

Our Methods in a Nutshell

Icon extracting hair grafts withthe FUE technique

FUE Hair Transplant

  • Used exclusively for the removal of the hair grafts
  • The donor area is undetectable after the procedure
  • Suitable for all hair types

To the FUE Technique

Icon for the sapphire hair transplant tool

Sapphire FUE Technique

  • Optimum hair implantation procedure
  • Natural growth direction due to V-shaped channel opening
  • Maximum hair density the improved hair grafts survival rate

To the Sapphire Technique

Icon of the CHOI pen used for the DHI method

DHI Method

  • State-of-the-art hair transplantation technique
  • No separate channel opening required
  • Natural direction of hair growth

To the DHI Technique

Full Cost Transparency

In addition to your impressive result, there is of course one more thing that is relevant: the price.

A hair transplant with our experts gives you long-lasting head of hair and improved confidence – without straining your budget.

We calculate your hair transplant costs based on the number of hair follicles you need.

The final price is part of our all-inclusive package. From accommodation in a luxury hotel to aftercare – everything is included in the price.

Your treatment price starts from €1,399.

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Am I Suitable for The Treatment?

Our experts analyse the hair loss condition of each patient individually. The reason for the the hair loss and the current stage are important factors we have to analyse.

The best method for you depends on the two factors mentioned above. In a non-binding initial consultation, our experts will advise you.

For women, our specialists recommend a hair transplant, for example, if you suffer from diffuse hair loss. Whereas, in men, androgenetic hair loss is often responsible for the bald patches.

Hair transplantation is the most effective and most long-lasting solution to the problem for both men and women.

Exclusive Bio-Technology

The Bio Hair Clinic distinguishes itself above all through innovation. In this respect, we offer you our unique Bio-Technology. During your hair transplant, the extracted hair grafts are enriched in a special nutrient solution that is exclusively available at the Bio Hair Clinic.

The fluid contains a special biotin ingredient, which strengthens the hair roots and prolongs their life. Thus achieving a higher survival rate and denser hair.

Illustration of the bio-technology for the hair transplant
Patient getting a PRP Treatment

Included with Every Procedure: PRP Treatment

To ensure that the results of your hair transplant are the very best, the procedure is followed by a free PRP treatment.

This involves extracting plasma from your blood and injecting it into your scalp. The plasma contains highly effective growth factors and nutrients that give your hair roots an effective energy boost.

The procedure has a positive effect on your treatment and naturally stimulates your hair to grow more.

We Go the Extra Mile with You

Even after the treatment, our team of experts are available to you 24/7. After a hair transplant, there are sometimes questions about the right aftercare and maintenance. We will accompany you after your procedure and answer all your questions.

Our specialists will take care of your concerns quickly and easily.

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Say Goodbye to Hair Loss Permanently with a Hair Transplant

The grafts that are removed during a hair transplant are resistant to the causes of hair loss. Therefore, with correct aftercare, the hair follicles remain intact for a lifetime – we even guarantee this.

The simple and effective procedures of the Bio Hair Clinic make it easy for us to give you a full head of hair. You can join our 15,000+ patients who took the step into a new, confident chapter of their lives.


How useful is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is the only long-lasting solution to hair loss. It is therefore the most effective and optimal treatment.

Where can I get the best hair transplant?

At the Bio Hair Clinic, our internationally renowned specialists offer the most gentle, long-lasting and effective hair transplant. We only offer professional hair treatments, which makes us experienced in this field.

Where does the hair for the hair transplant come from?

In most cases, the back of the head serves as the donor area. If there are too few grafts, other parts of the body can also be considered.

How deep are the hair grafts implanted?

In order to be able to implant the grafts perfectly, the channels are opened with a depth of 1 – 2 mm. This guarantees that the follicular units can be precisely inserted in the natural direction of growth.

Which hairs can be transplanted?

Only your own hair can be transplanted. Foreign hair (hair from another person) would be rejected by your the body due to the different genetics.

Who is allowed to transplant hair?

Hair transplants are a medical procedure that may only be performed by hair transplant specialists.

How long does the hair last after a hair transplant?

With correct aftercare, the inserted grafts will last a lifetime.

How does hair transplantation work?

To transplant hairs, they are taken from the donor area individually and then placed in our special nutrient solution. Then the recipient area is prepared. Either the hair channels are placed first and then the grafts are inserted with tweezers, or a procedure is used where both steps can be done simultaneously.