Hair Transplant Experience

The positive hair transplant experiences of more than 20,000 patients speak for themselves. Our focus is always on the satisfaction of our patients. From planning to aftercare, you benefit from our convenient process and 24/7 support. You, too, can fulfil your wish for a full head of hair.

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Illustration of the Hair Transplant Experience

“At 35 years old, I had the same annoying problem as many men: a receding hairline. I’ve been playing football for a long time and my teammates made fun of me for being so vain. They had receding hairlines themselves, so I doubted whether it was really necessary. But in the end I didn’t feel comfortable and I knew what was coming because of my father and grandfather’s own hair loss. The Bio Hair Clinic team encouraged me in my decision and are proud to have helped me recover my hair. From the moment my first hair grew back, I knew I had done everything absolutely right.”

“It’s been a year and a half since my hair transplant. I never thought that 3 days could change my life so much. I was constantly unhappy because of my receding hairline. Before I took the plunge, I had many thoughts running through my head about what my family and friends would think when I told them about my planned hair transplant. But all these thoughts were unfounded, on the contrary, everyone is delighted to see me finally happy again today.”

“My name is Andreas and at 57 years old I am definitely one of the older patients around. The idea of ‘cosmetic surgery’ was strange for me at first, as I’m not the type for it at all. But through friends and acquaintances I have seen how many men have their hair transplanted nowadays and that it is something completely different than 20 years ago due to the new methods and experiences. I have been suffering from hereditary hair loss for 30 years now and I have to say that the results today are no comparison to what they were back then. So after walking around with half a bald head for half my life, I am enjoying a real head of hair again at my age. I’m impressed that this was still possible with my hair!”

How Do Negative Hair Transplant Experiences Happen?

We understand that a hair transplant is a big undertaking for some patients. It is therefore important to always put yourself in the best hands for the procedure. This is the only way to avoid negative experiences with hair transplantation.

We are proud of the expertise of our team supported by Dr. Ibrahim and can proudly look back on more than 20,000 enthusiastic patients. We put you and your concerns as our focus and determine together with your wishes which method will give you a perfect result.

As experts in professional hair treatments, we guarantee that your hair transplant experience abroad will be consistently positive.

Bio Hair Clinic: Simply Full Hair

We are the right people for your hair transplant in Istanbul. Our doctors are among the best in the field of hair treatment.

The many happy hair transplant experiences of our patients can confirm this. We warmly welcome you to our modern clinic and make sure that you feel completely at ease.

Don’t wait any longer and fulfil your wish for simply full hair. Our specialists look forward to advising you.


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Dr Ibrahim with some of his hair transplant team

Hair Transplant Experience with Bio Hair Clinic

At the Bio Hair Clinic, you are in the best hands for your hair transplant. With us, you get complete all-round support.

Starting with the non-binding consultation through to aftercare: Our experts are always there for you. We regularly receive feedback from former patients who reflect positively on their hair transplant experiences.

Our team is proud of this encouraging feedback and is happy to be able to give those affected by hair loss a new lease on life and more self-confidence with a professional hair treatment.

Your Hair Transplant Benefits – A Unique Experience

  • Experienced specialists
  • State-of-the-art clinic and equipment
  • All-inclusive package
  • Interpreter on site
  • Professional 24/7 support
  • Bio Engineering
  • Luxury hotel included
  • Transfer rides
  • Perfect end results

The High Satisfaction Rate is No Coincidence

With regard to hair transplantation in Turkey, the experiences of our patients are consistently positive. Istanbul in particular is now the European center for hair transplants.

Here you will find the most experienced doctors and the most innovative techniques used worldwide. More and more patients are opting for hair transplantation in Turkey and report happy experiences.

Above all, the outstanding service and the perfect results stand out. You can be sure that you too will benefit from the best of events.


What Do I Have to Do to Have a Positive Hair Transplant Experience?

Choosing the right clinic and the most experienced doctors is of great importance. Support that can be reached at any time completes your ideal experience. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. At Bio Hair Clinic, we are always there for you.

Is There a Guarantee?

You get a lifetime guarantee from us. Our hair transplants are of such high quality that they will last your whole life. We even guarantee that. After your own hair treatment, we will send you the guarantee in writing.

What Hair Transplant Experiences Have Patients Had in Turkey?

Our patients have had many positive experiences. We receive many enthusiastic testimonials, especially with regard to our service and our competence. Of course, the results of our hair transplantations are also very convincing.

Am I Suitable for a Hair Transplant?

Our experts will tell you in a personal meeting whether you are suitable for the procedure. The basis of this is a professional hair analysis.

What Advantages Do I Have at the Bio Hair Clinic?

With us, you get a complete all-inclusive package for your offer. We take care of everything: from the transfer rides to aftercare and a PCR test. Our experts are well-trained and experienced in the field of hair transplantation. This ensures you have the best experience.

How Much Does the Procedure Abroad Cost?

Our prices are always fixed and are always communicated transparently. Depending on the method to be used, the following total costs apply:

⚈ DHI hair transplant: €2,500

Contact your personal expert for more information.