Hair Transplantation Before and After Results

Our patient’s picture gallery for our expertise and the high quality standard. Already more than 5,000 patients have trusted our experts to help them achieve thicker hair.

Take a look at the impressive results of our patients.

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Patient Alexander Previously in hair transplant after comparison
Patient Osman Before the hair transplant after comparison
Patient Christian Before the hair transplant after comparison
Patient Florian Before the hair transplant after comparison
Patient Murat in hair transplant before after comparison
Patient Marco Before the hair transplant after comparison
Patient Stefa Before the hair transplant after comparison
Patient Dargo in hair transplant before after comparison

Why should I have this procedure?

A hair transplant is not just a cosmetic procedure. In addition to your appearance, your self-confidence will change for the better.

Even the way people around you perceive you can greatly improve after hair treatment. You are sure to receive compliments.

Would you like to fulfil your dream of beautifully thick hair? Here you can see the photos of our patients who have already taken the plunge. The results of the hair transplant in a before-and-after comparison are convincing across the board.

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Hair transplant before and after: A picture says more than 1000 words

You want to see a first impression of the work carried out by our experts. Whether it concerns a receding hairline, pattern baldness or hair transplants for women: In the before and after comparison you can immediately see the life-changing transformation.

Just like you, each hair concern is very individual. Our experts will guide you through a non-binding preliminary discussion. During this, they will assess whether the DHI method or the sapphire technique will ensure a perfect result for you.

Patient Rüdiger in hair transplant before after comparison
Patient Sabina Before the hair transplant after comparison

Hair transplantation for women: before and after pictures

In the Bio Hair Clinic, we treat both men and women, and we also address gender-specific needs.

There are many reasons causing hair loss in women, like menstruation, contraceptive pills or pregnancy.

For example, women are particularly likely to suffer from a high forehead. A hair transplant for women can easily fix this, without shaving the whole head.

Still not convinced? Take a look at our before and after picture from our female patients.

No more bald head thanks to the Bio Hair Clinic

With the help of our hair transplantation before and after pictures, you can get an idea of ​​what your result might look like. A high forehead, thin hair and a receding hairline can soon be a thing of the past.

Do you want to regain your hair like the patients in our gallery? Then contact our experts now. As one of the leading providers in the field of personal hair treatments, we analyse your hair concerns – without obligation and free of charge.

Bio Hair Clinic – simply thick hair!

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Patient lowers his head forward for the hair transplant before after comparison

An optimal hairline ensures
natural results

The results show that our hair transplants in Turkey (in a before-and-
after comparison) are impressive.

Our senior physician Dr Ibrahim will do the preliminary analysis for
you. Here the perfect hairline is drawn that fits your face and fits
your character even more.

When removing the grafts, our specialists only use the FUE
technique. This enables a gentle treatment of your donor area.

Then the grafts are implemented using one of our modern
techniques, thus ensuring the correct direction of growth for the
hairs that are inserted into the donor area. The result makes new
naturally thick hair.


Will my result look natural?

Our hair transplant specialists are best trained to create a natural result. Our hair transplant before and after comparisons will absolutely convince you.

Especially by drawing the perfect hairline for your face, we achieve a natural result.

How many grafts do I need?

The number of grafts you need to achieve your optimal result depends on your individual situation. Factors like the progression of your hair loss and the size of the area to be treated play a crucial role.

To find out how many grafts you need, you can now have our experts carry out a free and non-binding hair analysis.

Am I eligible for a hair transplant?

Unfortunately, not all patients are suitable for a hair transplant. In some cases, the hair loss has progressed too far. In the case of a few patients, for example, the donor area is not sufficient to achieve good results.

At the Bio Hair Clinic, we only treat patients who have the best chance of an exciting result. Therefore, our rejection rate is a whopping 40%.

Our specialists will tell you in a personal conversation whether you are suitable for this hair treatment.

When will I see the first results?

You will see the first results after just a few weeks. However, it takes 12-18 months for the final result.

What can I do to get the best result?

With a hair transplant, aftercare is extremely important. Our experts will instruct you in detail and tell you how to optimally care for your new hair.

Are the before and after pictures real?

All of our before and after pictures are real photos of real patients at the Bio Hair Clinic. Similar results are waiting for you.