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Our hair surgery Team

Our team that performs hair transplants in the Istinye Hospital is one of the most famous teams in Turkey and is co-ordinated by specialists for hair transplants. During the treatment, one can easily feel the difference between an average team and a perfectly functioning team, in which every move is automatic. With us, the collective knowledge harmonises in a perfect treatment.

For hair transplants, the difference can be noted in many ways. Firstly, we provide the quality of the restoration of healthy, strong hair at formerly bald spots and in the unusual first-class workmanship.

In addition, we strive to bring the highest level of satisfaction to the patient, within a team working well together, with the highest level of quality, professionalism and sensitivity.

In the Biohair clinic, the specialist team has developed it‘s own technology and treatment to perfect the hair transplants performed there.

Our Vision

The team’s vision is not only to create an improvement in the patient’s ostensive appearance, by reducing bald spots with hair a transplant. Healthy, full and strong hair can have a positive effect on one’s self esteem and entire life style. Hence, the ambitious vision of the Biohair clinic team in Istanbul is not only to improve hair condition and appearance, but also to assist in improving patients’ personal outlook on themselves.

Some members of this team have personally experienced hair transplants. Therefore, every patient can completely rely with empathy, understanding and sensitivity during the treatments.

In addition, our specialists receive regular, advanced training sessions, and have performed their own initiative research, which has led, among other advances, to the development of Biohair.

Our team has performed thousands of hair transplants and beside the FUE method, the team also works with PRP treatments. With PRP, the patient’s blood is separated into thrombocytes and leucocytes and then injected in the patient’s bald spots, where a transplant will later be performed. In this way, hair growth is stimulated.

If you have any questions regarding single specialists, treatments, appointments, expiry, costs, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or Whatsapp.


Use the hair calculator to get information about the required amount of graft. The process is completely free and without any obligations.

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