BIO POWER BOOST – Exclusive treatment technique for perfect results

“Full and perfectly natural hair” – this is the premise of the Bio Hair Clinic. Our experienced team of specialists led by Dr Ibrahim not only ensures that you receive a perfect result, but also goes the extra mile and is constantly researching new and exclusive methods for your best hair transplant.

As our patient, you will receive the innovative BIO POWER BOOST before your hair transplant. The new procedure was developed to ensure that your hair transplant results are absolutely perfect and that your hair remains healthy and vital after the treatment – absolutely pain-free and without side effects!

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Doctor with patient getting the BIO POWER BOOST
Dr. Ibrahim with a happy patient after the hair transplant with the BIO POWER BOOST

How do I get the BIO POWER BOOST?

After your arrival in Istanbul, your VIP shuttle will take you directly to our clinic for blood sampling. You will then receive your exclusive BIO POWER BOOST under medical supervision. You will receive the technology 1 day before your hair transplant directly at our clinic.

This innovative technique is only available to Bio Hair Clinic patients and takes just 25 minutes. This gives you maximum head and hair health for a minimum of time.

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Infographic regarding the process of the BIO POWER BOOST

Maximum health for your hair and scalp in just 4 steps

When developing the BIO POWER BOOST, it was clear to the specialists that the technology should support the perfect before and after result and be as effective as possible. The result is a combination of 4 separate steps, all of which promote the health of your hair and scalp, and we explain each step in detail below.

Step 1:

Icon for the cleaning solution

Special Cleaning Solution

In the first step of the BIO POWER BOOST, our experienced team cleanses the scalp with a special solution and prepares it perfectly for use. This step only takes a few minutes and is the starting signal for your healthy hair and scalp.

Step 2:

Icon for the laser therapy

Laser therapy for the hair

Laser therapy for your hair, also known as low-level therapy, red light therapy or cold laser therapy, involves shining so-called photons into your scalp. These are absorbed by weak hair cells and thus promote hair growth. In addition, blood circulation is increased and the healing phase is accelerated. This step is non-invasive, painless and completely without side effects.

Step 3:

Icon for the Bio Hair Serum

Applying the Bio Hair Serum

Now apply the special Bio Hair Serum, which delivers proteins, minerals, elements and repairing compounds directly to the hair roots. The highly concentrated care product promotes tissue growth, thickens the hair strands and makes existing hair healthier, fuller and more vibrant. It also supports the respiration of the hair roots and reduces sebum production, which accelerates hair loss.

Step 4:

Icon for the scalp massage

Scalp massage

The special massage by our specialists rounds off the BIO POWER BOOST. The scalp massage ensures that your hair follicles are stimulated, the elasticity of the scalp is increased and blockages that hinder the scalp’s breathing are removed. The additional removal of sebum production allows the scalp to breathe and promotes hair growth. In general, it can be said that hair quality and density are greatly increased by this process.

Tip: Daily 4-minute scalp massages over 24 weeks influence gene expression, improve hair quality and growth and reduce existing hair loss.

Your advantages with the BIO POWER BOOST

  • Helps to achieve maximum results
  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Supports maximum graft removal
  •  Improves the quality of the harvested grafts
  • Shortens the operation time
  • Reduces the risk of complications
  • Reduces existing hair loss
  • Improves the quality of existing hair
  • Minimises scarring after the operation
Secure advantages

BIO POWER BOOST – Because your hair is worth it!

Do you want exclusive and modern methods for your hair transplant that focus on the health of your hair and scalp? Then convince yourself of our innovative BIO POWER BOOST!

Cleansing the scalp of sebum and dandruff, promoting hair growth and stimulating the nerve endings and muscles in the scalp are just a few aspects that speak in favour of our new technology. In addition, the healing phase after your hair transplant is accelerated by promoting cellular activity and reducing inflammation.

Speak to your personal consultant now and fulfil your dream of full hair – with Bio Hair Clinic by your side.

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Happy patient after his hair transplant with the BIO POWER BOOST