Hair Transplant Process

Do you want a simple procedure for your hair transplant? Here that’s exactly what you get!

From contacting us directly to selecting an appointment. With just a few steps you can have full hair efficiently and easily.

We have noted current COVID-19 information for you.

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Illustration of the hair transplant procedure

Hair Transplant Procedure: Only Three Steps to Full Hair

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Free Hair Analysis

Our hair calculator puts you in touch with our team of experts. We analyse the state of your hair and contact you immediately – you don’t have to do anything else.

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Initial Meeting with Our Experts

Our specialists will inform you in detail about your hair transplant operation. During the conversation you will also find out which method is best suited and what hair transplant costs are incurred.

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We will then book an appointment with you with Dr. Ibrahim and his experienced team.

The Cosmopolitan City of Istanbul Welcomes You

As soon as your appointment is booked and your flight is confirmed, you can continue with the hair transplant process. Arriving at the airport in Istanbul, your personal VIP shuttle including chauffeur awaits you.

You will be driven immediately to our modern clinic, where a short blood test will be carried out.

After checking in at our luxury hotel, you can spend your time freely and go on a journey of discovery in Istanbul.

COVID-19 notice:

Our employees always keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres and strictly follow our hygiene measures. The VIP shuttle is disinfected after each trip, as is your luggage at the hotel. In addition, your temperature will be measured using a contactless fever measuring device and a free COVID-19 test will be carried out.

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Patient giving a thumbs up standing next to doctor, preparing for hair transplant procedure

Your Hair Transplant: When the Big Day Arrives

After you have completely relaxed in the luxury accommodation, your actual treatment follows in the hair transplant surgical clinic. Your driver will take you to the clinic the next day. Your personal interpreter will already be available on site.

Your own hair treatment can then start in your private treatment room. Depending on the method, this takes 5-8 hours.

COVID-19 notice:

All operating rooms are disinfected with modern and effective cleaning equipment before the procedure. All employees of the Bio Hair Clinic wear mouth and nose protection at all times.

Follow-Up Examination by Our Specialists

After your hair transplant in Turkey, the next step is for you to come back to the hospital for a follow-up examination the next day.

You will receive medication and important instructions regarding your follow-up phase. Your driver will then take you to the airport and you’re on your way home.

COVID-19 notice:

Your follow-up examination will also take place under the strictest hygiene regulations. If you wish, a new COVID-19 test can be carried out for an additional charge of approx. 350 Turkish Lira.

Doctor examining patients head following hair transplant
Doctor Ibrahim in consultation with patient following a hair transplant

After Your Hair Transplantation in Turkey: Steps for Aftercare

Do not worry. Your aftercare phase will be a breeze and there are only a few things to consider.

In addition to the recommendations of our experts in the clinic, we are also personally at your side 24/7 with advice and expertise.

The process of your aftercare following the hair transplant is very important for your final result.

We recommend taking the advice of our experts into account. Then you can relax and watch your hair grow back.


Do I Have to Book My Flight Myself?

The Bio Hair Clinic stands for simplicity in the entire hair transplant process. So we also offer you that we take over the booking of your flight. After we have arranged a suitable appointment for your treatment together, you can let us know whether you would like to book the flight yourself or whether you want us to do it for you.

What Should be Considered 15 Days After the Procedure?

  • Protect your hair from direct sunlight
  • Avoiding swimming pools
  • From the 3rd day you can wash your hair (according to the instructions of your doctor)
  • Do not use hair gel or hairspray
  • From the 15th day you can continue with sporting activities

How Do I Plan the First Day After Hair Transplantation?

Our experts recommend that you consider the following on day 1:

  • No hard work
  • No stress
  • Refrain from sports and alcohol
  • Do not pull tight sweaters or t-shirts over your head
  • Take medication according to the instructions of our specialists
  • Do not wash treated areas on the first day
  • Please wear a hat outside

How Long Does it Take for My Hair Transplant in Istanbul?

You will spend 3 days in Istanbul for your hair transplant. On the first day you arrive at the airport and the preliminary examination takes place. You also check into your hotel. After a relaxing night, your hair transplant will take place on the second day. To make sure that everything went smoothly and that you are doing well, the follow-up examination takes place on the 3rd day. After that you can go back home.

Are All Transfers Included?

We want your hair transplant in Turkey to be as pleasant as possible in terms of the procedure. Your personal driver is available to you on site in Istanbul. All transfers to the airport, clinic and hotel are therefore included in your hair transplant costs.

What Do I Do If I Have Any Questions?

Our team of experts are available to answer your questions 24/7. We are happy to take care of all your concerns and answer all your questions. An interpreter is always available on site in Istanbul, so you don’t need to be afraid of language barriers.