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Procedure of the hair transplant

Despite the gentle FUE technique, hair transplantation remains a surgery procedure in which the scalp can be somewhat irritated. By removing and inserting the grafts, skin layers are injured or damaged.

So it is quite normal for the donor area to be inflamed after the hair surgery. Those are unavoidable but there are solutions to support and accelerate the healing process.

Free consultation
Illustration of the hair transplant procedure

1. Contact

If you are interested in a hair transplant, contact us by phone, e-mail or Whatsapp. We will inform you extensively and provide you with an individualized plan. To give you an idea regarding prices, we kindly ask you to send in some very clear photos of the concerning area(s), so that our experts can get an overview. The clearer and more detailed the photos are, the clearer our analysis can be.

2. Appointment

If you are interested, you can set up an appointment with us. While it is better to organize these in advance, it’s also possible to arrange an appointment on short notice for a hair transplant. After setting up an appointment date, you need to book a flight and send us the booking confirmation, this way we can organize the transfer, the hotel reservation and the surgery itself. There is no need to pay an deposit in advance, the whole payment will be done at the day of the surgery.

3. Arrival and Hotel

Our package includes the pick-up at the airport and the transfer to the hotel. We have a meeting place at the airport, where our driver will pick you up. Important: You need to book the flight on your own. The earlier you book it, the cheaper the price will be.

4. Your stay

On the day of arrival, you don’t have to worry about a thing but relaxing, enjoying the hotel and getting to know Istanbul. Last year’s experiences showed that patients who had the chance to get used to the surroundings beforehand, went through the treatment substantially more relaxed and felt much calmer in the clinic. The hotel offers various amenities to relax in complete silence. Of course, you can also make an excursion outside the hotel if you wish to.

On the second day, we will drive you to the clinic and the real process begins. Here, you will get to know our experts and the first examinations will take place. If necessary, an interpreter is available for you. With the preliminary examination, the density of your hair and your general state of health is examined, as well as a general analysis of the hair. If all preliminary examinations are concluded, a consultation takes place. In this conversation, the specialist will discuss all details of the hair transplant with you, explain the expiry of the intervention and inform you how long the intervention will last, according to his estimate.

The surgical intervention normally lasts between three and seven hours, but occasionally more. At this time, you are put under a local anaesthesia – hence, you can’t feel much, although you are fully conscious and can distract yourself during this time with music or television. After the intervention you are brought back again to your hotel where you can rest.

5. Completion

A re-examination takes place the next day. For this, you will be picked up once more at the hotel and brought to the clinic. For the end of the re-examination, you’ll receive tips from the specialists about the care of the treated places as well as special nursing means for the aftercare. Finally, we bring you back to your hotel, or to the airport, depending on your plans.