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The FUE hair transplant with Biohair

Hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular because many men, and women, no longer want to accept baldness as a fatality. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle the FUE hair transplant technique is the only permanent hair loss treatment. Especially since this new method has largely replaced the obsolete FUT technique.

This new hair surgery method allows an almost painless transplantation of hair into the scalp. Furthermore doing such an intervention with an experienced surgeon and at a well-equipped clinic, will always bring the best results !

What makes the FUE hair transplant different from other methods?

The FUE method is one of two types of treatment used in hair transplants. FUE stands for “follicular unit extraction”, while the older FUT means follicular unit transplantation. Although the FUE is technically more complex than other techniques. It is by all means gentler on the scalp – both at the donor and the recipient area.

In a FUE hair transplant, individual hair are first removed from the donor area and later reinserted on the recipient area. Thus, bald spots can be filled on different area of the body. Not only on the head, but also on the eyebrows, on the beard or on the chest. Of course, this hair loss treatment is not only used in our clinic. However we have decided to work exclusively with the FUE method. Especially since it is the most gentle hair restoration procedure that leaves no visible scars.

The reason for this is that we always want to achieve the best possible result for our patients. What differentiates our treatment from others is our special cold storage of the grafts (implants) between the individual treatment steps. This is why we have developed a special process that guarantees a higher growth rate. Our FUE hair transplant cost in Turkey are starting from 1399 €. Thanks to this price range, we can provide affordable solutions without cutting corners on quality.

the fue hair transplant procedure

The FUE hair loss treatment procedure explained

Once arrived at the hair loss clinic, a preliminary examination of the patient takes place. In this blood is taken, and the scalp is analyzed in details. Before the procedure starts, the donor’s hair is shaved. That is the only way to ensure a perfect removal of the grafts. Once the donor area is ready a local anesthetic is applied to the scalp. As the anesthesia kicks-in the grafts are extracted with the help of a micromotor.

The FUE hair transplant minimizes the formation of post surgery scars and wounds. Bleeding is also significantly reduced by using this technique. The extracted follicles are then stored in containers containing a special biotin rich solution developed exclusively by us.

What is biotin and why it is so efficient for the grafts ?

Biotin is a natural active ingredient, also known as vitamin B7, B8 or vitamin H. It is an organic molecule that promotes healthy hair growth. We use it in combination with the other active ingredients that are contained in our nutrient solution. This ensures our patients a faster growth of the implanted grafts.

After being harvested, the grafts are stored for a few hours in our nutrient solution before being re-implanted. The containers are placed on special plates, which ensure a constant cold temperature. This technique is also called ice grafts and ensures that the cells do not decay while the grafts are stored.

Due to our special solution the grafts receive additional nutrients, which stimulate the future growth process of the cells. Thanks to this combination, the hair roots remain fresh and full of vitality. After implanting the hair follicles into the recipient area, the grafted grafts adapt ideally to their new environment.

Accelerated growth also shortens the healing process. Since we decided to use this hair loss treatment, the response from our patients has been consistently positive.

Scalp after a FUE hair transplant

The benefits of a FUE hair transplant

The benefits of FUE hair transplantation are not negligible. The Bio Hair Clinic now works exclusively with this technique. When deciding on the FUE method of own hair treatment, it is helpful to have an overview of the benefits:

  • The hair regrowth is significantly higher than with conventional methods
  • Since no skin strip is removed, the healing phase is significantly shorter
  • Other hair can be transplanted (not just hair)
  • The hair on the donor area can be cut short as it isn’t damaged during the procedure
  • With this hair loss treatment a denser transplantation is possible
  • The period of recovery is significantly reduced compared to other surgery techniques

The treatment is performed by proven specialists to ensure the success of your FUE hair transplant. As already mentioned, the Bio Hair Clinic uses a special biotin rich solution during interim storage of the removed grafts. The steps of storing grafts in this particular solution have a huge impact on the growth rate of hair follicles. The efficiency of the graft removal is also improved by using the FUE procedure. This makes the duration of the surgery significantly shorter than with the older FUT technique.

What is the Mega FUE hair transplant ?

fue hair transplant - grafts are being prepared

As the name suggests, Mega is a “bigger” version of the FUE method. In a hair transplant using Mega FUE, a very large amount of grafts are removed from the donor area. This technique makes sense especially when larger bald spots are present and sufficient healthy hair is available. In a Mega FUE hair transplant, 5000 and more grafts are first removed and then grafted to the recipient area.

In this way, large bald spots can be treated in one session and the patient does not have to come to the clinic a second time. Incidentally, in a “normal” FUE hair loss treatment, a maximum of 4,000 grafts are taken. A Mega FUE transplant is an option if the hair on the forehead is already very light or completely gone.

By the way, you do not have to worry about having large holes in the donor area afterwards. 5000 grafts and more sounds a lot at first, but it is not really. Our team of experts will gladly advise you on this. We at Bio Hair Clinic regularly perform both the FUE and the Mega-FUE technique. So you are in good hands.

Why choose Biohair as your FUE hair transplant specialist ?

At Biohair we offer a unique hair loss treatment package you won’t find in any other clinics in Turkey. The method was developed exclusively by our company. It is based on our specialists’ extensive knowledge and experience in hair surgery. We ensure a quick adaptation of the hair roots in their new environment, as well as a swift recovery process. You will attain excellent results from treatment with our special Biotin formula.

Many sufferers can maximize the success of the procedure through advanced FUE hair transplantation. The thorough and conscientious aftercare of the treatment is also decisive for the final result. The FUE hair transplantation is a timely and cost-saving option to get back full hair and a strengthened self-esteem.

Are you interested in a Bio FUE hair transplant procedure in Turkey ? Then please fill out our form below. We will send you a non-binding individual cost estimate. We look forward to welcoming you to our patients and feel sure you will be pleased with your new hair !


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