Hair Transplant Clinic

Our hair transplant clinic is one of the best and most advanced in Turkey. Your treatment will be carried out with the experience of over 15,000 procedures in the clinic opened in 2022.

We focus on your comfort throughout the entire procedure. Our hair transplant clinic is one of the best and most advanced clinics in Turkey.

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hair transplant clinic biohair clinic entrance lobby
Entrance lobby of biohair clinic hair transplant clinic

Hair Transplant Clinic: Modern and Sophisticated

If you want to have your hair transplant in Istanbul we know which clinic is best for you. At Bio Hair Clinic, we combine state-of-the-art equipment with the highest professional standards.

The new building opened in 2022 and houses the most modern equipment and facilities in the industry spread over 13 floors.

Our specialists exclusively utilise modern techniques such as the DHI hair transplant method, FUE hair transplantation and the Sapphire technique. We have designed everything for you according to the highest quality standards.

Comprehensive Care

At our hair transplant clinic you will receive the best care from the preliminary examination to the hair transplant surgery and aftercare for female and male hair loss.

Enjoy the comfortable, modern facilities of the clinic and use the shopping centre, the 1000m² terrace with panoramic views or one of the many other amenities to relax.

Our team is always there for you. The Bio Hair Clinic interpreters are always at your side. With us, you can count on flawless communication.

Hair Transplant Clinic: Your Benefits

  • Experienced specialists
  • State-of-the-art clinic and equipment
  • All-inclusive package
  • Interpreter on site
  • Professional 24/7 service
  • Bio-technology
  • Luxury hotel accommodation included
  • Transfers
  • Perfect final results

The Best Quality for Your Treatment

You deserve the best hair loss clinic for your hair transplant in Turkey. That’s why Bio Hair Clinic is the right choice.

In our hair transplant clinic we use only the latest equipment in the treatment of many types of hair loss in men and women. Our hair loss treatment methods are perfectly adapted to your personal hair situation. We put our high quality first.

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Doctor and team during treatment with patient in the hair transplant clinic

Over 15,000 successful treatments speak for themselves

When choosing your hair transplant clinic, recommendations are of great importance. Over 15,000 successful treatments with our team of experts speak for themselves.

The many positive experiences of our patients validate us every day in what we do – providing full hair to those affected by hair loss.

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When did the clinic open?

The modern clinic was built in 2022 and brings with it many unique amenities such as a shopping centre, a terrace with relaxing panoramic views and much more. This means that the hospital meets the latest standards and is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

Will I be safe during my hair transplant?

You are absolutely safe during your hair transplant at Bio Hair Clinic. You can rely on our team 100%. We are there for you to answer any questions you may have.

How many patients have already been treated at the clinic?

The Bio Hair Clinic has performed over 15,000 successful procedures, and our expertise has enabled us to enrich a large number of patients’ lives who have now embarked on a new chapter. We are proud of our work and appreciate the regular positive feedback.

Are there any special corona measures?

Yes, there is a very strict hygiene policy in the hair transplant clinic. The employees set a strong precedent and adhere strictly to all the guidelines set by the ministry of health.