Beard Hair Transplant

With your beard hair transplant at Bio Hair Clinic you can easily get a full beard.

Benefit from the experience of more than 20,000 hair transplants.

Thanks to state-of-the-art techniques and extensive expertise, you can look forward to your dream beard in no time!

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Illustration of a beard hair transplantation
Picture of a smiling man with full beard

A Beard Hair Transplant: Ideal for Hair Loss on the Face

Many men feel an enormous amount of suffering when it comes to their facial hair. A full beard is the ultimate sign of masculinity.

Hair loss on the face has various causes. Scars or genetic predispositions can lead to bald spots or gaps in the beard hair of some men.

Do you also suffer from little or no beard hair? The Bio Hair Clinic is one of the leading specialists in the field of cosmetic procedures for beard hair transplantation and will help you to easily grow facial hair uniformly.

The Process in Detail

The Comfort-In tool


Before your treatment, local anaesthetic is administered to the donor and recipient areas using our needle-free Comfort-In method.

Removal of the individual hair grafts

Removal of the Grafts

Your grafts are then gently removed from the donor area using the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method.

Transplanting the hair into the recipient area

Insertion of the Hair

In the final step, the hair follicles are transplanted into the recipient area. Only the sapphire method is used to insert the beard implants.

Facial Hair Transplant: Your Benefits

  • Maximum beard growth and density
  • Natural looking result
  • State-of-the-art techniques
  • Expert team
  • Can be combined with a hair transplant
  • All inclusive package
  • Masculine, confident appearance
Free Consultation
A male patient after his beard hair transplant
A comparision picture of a before and after beard transplant

Beard Hair Transplant: Before and After Comparison

A beard gives your face contour, expression and masculinity.

A lack of facial hair can increase levels of anxiety and lead to dissatisfaction.

With our beard hair transplant before and after results, you can see how the procedure can positively change your life. Our patients are consistently enthusiastic and enjoy more self-confidence and masculinity.

In a free and non-binding initial consultation, our experts will advise you on your individual hair situation. All your questions will be answered and you will also receive your personal cost estimate.

Your Dream Beard: Here’s the Costs

Your beard transplant costs in Turkey are always communicated transparently and are fixed – no matter how many grafts you need.

Depending on which method perfectly suits your hair situation, you will incur the following costs:

✔️ Sapphire method: €2,100

In your free hair analysis, our experts will determine which method will give you the perfect result.

In addition to the procedure, the beard hair transplant costs also cover other included services such as the hotel accommodation, interpreter, 24/7 care and products for aftercare.

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The Beard Hair Transplant at the Bio Hair Clinic

Many people recommend a beard hair transplant with Bio Hair Clinic. Our specialists are among the most experienced experts when it comes to beard transplantation.

Your treatment will take place in the state-of-the-art clinic. Everything in our premises is designed for your comfort and satisfaction.

Before, during and after the operation, an expert from Bio Hair Clinic is always there for you. On site in Istanbul, our interpreters ensure that there are no language barriers. All speak several languages ​​fluently.

With your beard hair transplant in Turkey, we offer you top service and the security of getting a perfect end result.


How Much Does a Beard Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

The beard hair transplant costs are fixed and independent of the required number of grafts. Depending on which procedure is used, the following beard transplantation costs apply:

  • Sapphire technique: €2,100
You can request your free hair analysis from us at any time. Our experts will then get back to you with more information about your all-inclusive package.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Having to Wear a Mask Because of Corona?

Even during Corona, we have already carried out many successful beard hair transplants. After the procedure, we will give you a visor for your face that protects you and others from the transmission of the virus. You can rest easy and look forward to your new facial hair growth.

How Many Grafts Can be Transplanted?

A maximum of 5500 – 6000 grafts can be transplanted per session although far less are required for a beard transplantation. These are transplanted at a density of 130 grafts per square centimeter. A beard hair transplant is particularly suitable for people with medium and thick hair structure.

Can I Choose the Shape of my Beard?

During the beard transplant, our specialist draws in your new beard hair line. Together with you, we determine the beard shape that suits you best and gives your face the best contour.

Can the Treatment be Combined with a Hair Transplant?

A combination of beard hair transplantation and hair transplantation is possible and is utilised by many of our patients. In a personal conversation with our specialists, we analyse whether the simultaneous transplantation of beard and scalp hair is possible for you.

Can Body Hair be Transplanted in a Beard Transplant?

Body hair has a different structure than facial hair and is therefore very different from each other. Transplanting body hair to the beard region would not provide a satisfactory result. Therefore, at Bio Hair Clinic, we do not transplant body hair for a beard hair transplant.