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DHI hair transplant with Biohair

The DHI hair transplant is one of the most modern and recent achievements in the field. This innovative method – also called direct hair implantation – allows hair to be transplanted with particular care. At the same time, it is possible to achieve particularly natural and healthy results. In the following page, we will explain the process of the DHI method and its benefits.

The DHI method for full hair without surgery

With the direct hair implantation procedure, people suffering from hair loss can regain natural-looking hair. The special thing here is that, unlike other hair transplants, no major surgery is required. Thus, the exertions for the patient can be reduced to a minimum. 

In addition, the risk of infection can be significantly reduced with this technique and unsightly scars after surgery need not be feared. Moreover, our experience shows the enormous effectiveness of this treatment. It is also known as the “Choi Method”.

A very big advantage of the direct implantation compared to the usual transplantation methods is that the growth rate of the hair is very high at 90 to 95 percent and thus allows a very natural hair appearance.

Choi pin - Direct Hair Implantation in Turkey

What is the procedure for DHI hair transplant ?

In a direct hair implantation, the donor hair is removed individually with a special micro punch. In most cases, this takes place at the middle back of the head. Because compared to the front hairline, the crown or the middle head, this area is usually not so severely affected by the hair loss. 

The extracted hair is then stored in a special nutrient solution before implantation. Subsequently, a mini needle, the so-called “Choi pin”, is used to implant the individual hair follicles in the scalp. As a result cuts can be dispensed by using the DHI implanter. In contrast, older techniques of extraction and implantation are more prone to leave scars. 

Furthermore it is also very beneficial that patients with long hair do not have to shave them off with this method. As an advice, it is important to keep the scalp and hair moist for the first five days after implantation. There are corresponding moisturizing sprays for this.

DHI hair transplant, graft extraction

1) Graft is extracted

DHI hair transplant, graft extraction

2) Graft is implanted

The advantages of the DHI hair transplant at a glance

In addition to the  of this procedure, here are other advantages in hair surgery using the DHI technique :

  • modern and simple procedure with a natural result
  • Since the hair follicles are used directly with a special implantation device, no entry holes are required
  • Dehydration of the implants can be prevented and effective long-term growth is favored
  • The treatment is fast and almost painless
  • Thanks to the minimally invasive treatment, no cuts, no sutures, no bleeding and no scars are necessary
  • up to 95% survival rate for the grafts

After a DHI hair transplant, it takes only about two months until the first newly grown hair can be seen. The hair restoration experience is therefore extremely positive. To date, more than 200,000 hair transplant procedure have been performed using the Choi method.

The Direct Hair Implantation in Turkey with Biohair !

Affected people from all over the world now rely on the DHI hair transplant. This evolution of the FUE method is based on 45 years of research and development. Not to mention that this method expends the donor area, allowing even more possibilities.

With the direct hair transplant technique, chest hair, whiskers, pubic hair, eyelashes and eyebrows can also be used. Compared with other transplantation procedures, such as the FUE, the DHI hair transplantation is a bit more expensive. On the positive side it offers numerous advantages such as the particularly high growth rate.

In addition, a natural result can easily be achieved with the Choi method. No major surgery is needed and you do not have to worry about scars nor shaving your head. Are you interested by a DHI hair transplant in Turkey ? Then don’t hesitate to call our experts, they’ll be more than happy to answer to your questions.

DHI hair transplant - Dr. Ibrahim with Patient


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