DHI Hair Transplant

The DHI hair transplant is the most modern technique to transplant your hair.

Benefit from the shortest healing phase and watch your hair grow after just a few days!

Let our specialists treat you. You can rely on the experience of over 20,000 treatments.

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Illustration with the CHOI pen for the DHI Hair Transplant
Dr Ibrahim monitoring his team doing the DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplantation: The Special Technique for Full Hair

The DHI technique (Direct Hair Implantation) describes the current most modern procedure for the insertion of hair.

What is unique is that no separate channel opening is required in the receiver area.

With the help of a special implantation pen, the previously removed grafts are transplanted directly into your recipient area during the treatment – accurately and hassle free.

The Choi Pen Creates Full Hair Easily

The DHI hair transplant owes its unique selling point to the unique Choi pen. The device has a small needle at its tip into which the removed grafts are inserted individually.

The hair follicles are then implanted in your bald spots at an angle of 40 to 45 degrees – providing a perfectly natural growth direction for your transplanted grafts.

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Image of a CHOI pen for the DHI Hair Transplant

Process of DHI Technique

The Comfort-In tool


Local anaesthesia of the area which is treated with the innovative Comfort-In technique.

Removal of the hair grafts

FUE Method

Extracting your healthy hair follicles from the donor area using the FUE method.

Placing the hair grafts into the CHOI pen


Your grafts are inserted individually into the special Choi pen by our experts.

Inserting the hair grafts with the CHOI pen

Insertion of the Hair

Simple and direct implantation of the follicles in the recipient area – without needing a separate canal opening.

Just Full Hair

Is hair loss restricting your daily life and not letting you enjoy your life to the fullest? Then use our free hair calculator today and have your hair situation analysed by our team of experts – it’s easy and non-binding!

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The DHI Hair Restoration Method: The Benefits

  • Grafts are implanted directly without lengthy separation from nutrients
  • Very high growth rate
  • Maximum hair density in the recipient area
  • Fast follow-up phase
  • Partial shaving of the donor area possible
  • Return to daily routine after a short time
  • Natural direction of growth
  • Perfect end result in both men and women

DHI Technique: Are There Any Disadvantages?

The procedure has only one small obstacle. DHI hair transplantation can only be performed by absolute experts in Turkey.

When using it, special sensitivity is required. Besides this, the procedure has no disadvantages.

Benefit from our internationally trained team of specialists. Many of them are exclusively responsible for DHI hair transplants and have already been able to successfully treat many thousands of patients.

Dr Ibrahim with a patient after the DHI Hair Transplant

What Do Our Patients Say?

Patients have a consistently positive experience with the DHI hair restoration technique.

We only get enthusiastic feedback on the final results. The treatment leads to more self-confidence and a happier life for many.

After the procedure, many things change for the better for our patients. Your DHI hair transplant promises to be a very special experience.

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Fixed and Transparent Price: DHI Method For Only €2,500

Of course, the cost plays a major role in the DHI hair transplant. First of all, it should be said that the price is always fixed and communicated transparently – no matter how many grafts you need.

✔️ DHI method: €2,500

There are no additional costs or additional costs on site!

In your free initial consultation with our experts, you will be told everything about the DHI technique along with the price.

We guarantee that you will be fully aware of the total cost before the procedure.

Finally Full Hair Again – Achieved with Ease Using the DHI Technique

Do you want to make a change about your lost hair? Finally have full hair again easily and hassle-free?

Then make an appointment today for a free initial consultation. Our experts will advise you on your individual DHI hair transplant in Turkey.

You can sit back and enjoy the most competent service on the market. From hair loss to a receding hairline, there are no problems we can’t tackle!

Bio Hair Clinic – simply full hair!


What is the Difference Between DHI and FUE?

The DHI method is the most modern method to effectively transplant your hair into the recipient area. The FUE technique, on the other hand, is used for the extraction of your healthy hair follicles from the donor area. Thus, both applications are used in your hair transplant.

Can the Transplanted Hair Fall Out Again?

Hair loss can occur in the first 3 months after the procedure. However, this is normal and is referred to as “shock loss”. Please note that no hair roots will fall out and your natural hair will start to grow again immediately.

How Long Does the Transplanted Hair Last?

The results at Bio Hair Clinic last a lifetime. In DHI hair transplantation, we only use healthy grafts that are not affected by hair loss.

How Deep are the Grafts Transplanted?

Usually, the hair follicles are implanted about 1 cm above your muscle line. Your new hairline will be discussed with you in advance by our patients and adjusted according to your wishes.

How Long Does it Take for Transplanted Hair to Grow?

On average, the follicular units are already established after 4-5 days. After a short time you can also carefully remove the crusts and wash your hair for the first time. You will receive more information from our experts after your DHI hair transplant.

How Dangerous is the DHI Method?

The DHI hair transplant at the Bio Hair Clinic has almost no side effects. Our team of experts have extensive experience with the DHI technique and will provide perfect results for you too.