Hair Transplant Anaesthetic

For your hair transplant, anaesthesia is an essential step before the actual treatment.

Enjoy the almost painless and needle-free Comfort-In system of anaesthesia.

Our experts have already anaesthetised more than 20,000 patients with this procedure.

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Illustration of the Comfort-In method of anaesthesia for hair transplants
Medical team applying the anaesthesia

Hair Transplant Anaesthetic: Relax with Comfort-In

With your hair transplant anaesthetic you can look forward to a pleasant and almost painless procedure.

At the Bio Hair Clinic, we only use the Comfort-In method for the procedure. The modern practice is perfect for local anaesthesia and prepares you for your hair transplant in the best possible way.

Needle-Free for Painless Treatment

As part of your hair transplantation procedure, the anaesthesia is administered without any syringes or needles. Our specialists use a unique injection device for this purpose.

The innovative procedure allows the anaesthetic to be injected under the scalp using pressure.

In contrast to conventional needles, the opening of the injection device penetrates only 0.15 mm deep into the scalp. In a normal syringe, on the other hand, it is 0.39 mm.

Local anaesthesia using the Comfort-In method is used in every procedure. Your treatment is guaranteed to be comfortable and virtually painless.

For both women and men, the modern and needle-free anaesthetic procedure leads your way to simply full hair.

A patient during their hair transplantation

Procedure for Your Hair Transplant Anaesthetic

Fill Up

Anaesthetic is filled into the special Comfort-In injection device. At its end is a nozzle with a piston.


With the help of compressed air, the piston in the nozzle injects the liquid about 0.15 mm into the scalp. The process only takes a few seconds. Then your hair transplant can start.


Our experts then place the injection pen in the donor area before the follicular unit extraction and the recipient area before implantation of the grafts.

Doctor Ibrahim with a Biohair patient

Your Advantages with Needle-Free Anaesthesia

  • Works extremely quickly and efficiently
  • No needles or syringes
  • Suitable for anxious patients
  • Individual dosing of the anaesthetic
  • Certified process
  • Uses high pressure and injects only 0.15 mm under the skin

Are You Suitable for the Comfort-In Method?

Is hair transplant anaesthesia with the Comfort-In technique suitable for you? The simple answer is yes! We use the anaesthetic procedure for all of our patients.

You too will receive the Comfort-In system as an anaesthetic before your hair transplant. Anxious patients in particular benefit from this. You can simply enjoy the entire treatment and you won’t feel any pain.

Hair Transplant with Local Anaesthesia for your Comfort

A local anaesthetic is sufficient for your hair restoration.

This means that you can be contacted during the entire hair transplant and can use the time to watch films or listen to music, for example.

After the operation you are back on your feet straight away.

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What Happens if the Anaesthesia Stops Working During the Operation?

In a few patients, the anaesthetic may wear off prematurely. If this is the case for you, simply make our team aware of it. The specialists will then inject the anaesthetic into you again.

Is Anaesthesia with the Comfort-In System Painful?

No, the Comfort-In technique was specially developed to ensure a painless hair transplant anaesthetic experience to permanently resolve your hair loss. For most patients, anaesthesia is virtually painless.

Is the Procedure Safe?

The needleless anaesthetic technique is a very safe procedure. The impressive process is certified and patented. Since there are no puncture points, the risk of infection is minimised. In addition, administration is particularly quick and easy.

Do I Need General Anaesthesia?

General anaesthesia is not necessary. A local anaesthetic is used for hair transplantation. This gives you the benefit of being in communication with our team the entire time. On special request, we can still offer the option of general anaesthesia for extremely anxious patients.

Does the Anaesthetic Affect the Hair Grafts?

The anaesthetic has no negative effects on the grafts. Your growth is not endangered in any way.

Does a Hair Transplant Anaesthetic Work if I Have Any Allergies?

Before your hair transplant, we will ask you about all your previous illnesses, allergies and medications that you are taking. We then take this into account with the greatest care in administering the anaesthesia.