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Bio Hair Transplant Blog

Our hair transplant blog is aimed to provide comprehensive answers to your questions about hair transplantation timeline and results. We cover a wide range of topics and widely employ the expertise of our specialists. Besides, this hair transplant blog offers advice on hair loss treatment.

How does hair transplant work? One may encounter a variety of myths and delusions, when it comes to hair transplant procedure and what one needs for hair transplant, as it is still a relatively new invention. With this blog we would like to debunk such myths and give useful and accurate advice, that will steer your decision about hair transplantation in the right direction.

This hair transplant blog lists and explains various medications, that can act as hair loss causes. Moreover, here you can also learn what nutrient deficiencies can make your hair falling out and which vitamins for hair are best. Whether your hair loss is preconditioned by your genetics or by any other factors, that are difficult or sometimes impossible to treat, then hair transplantation may be the best, or even the only, option for you. Just get acquainted with the positive experiences from our numerous patients – they speak for themselves. 

This blog on hair transplantation will give you an insight into diverse treatment procedures, that we practice in our Bio Hair Clinic. We will also provide you with in-depth information on treatment instruments we use, that stand out from conventional and outdated methods. We would like to show you that hair transplant for women, as well as for men, is a safe and effective procedure. 

Here we answer all your questions about hair transplant aftercare, as well as about the phases of healing process after a hair transplantation surgery. We emphasise the fact, that the optimal result can only be guaranteed with proper and conscientious aftercare, which is, after all, patient’s responsibility. 

On our website you can easily calculate hair transplantation cost at no charge. If you have any questions, you can reach us anytime using the contact details below. And, until then we hope to be capable of helping you by means of this blog and to answer the most important questions about hair and hair transplantation.


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