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This blog on hair transplants will give you an insight into diverse treatment procedures, that we practice in our Bio Hair Clinic. We will also provide you with in-depth information on treatment instruments we use, that stand out from conventional and outdated methods. We would like to show you that hair transplant for women, as well as for men, is a safe and effective procedure.

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Hair Loss

Does caffeine shampoo works

Does caffeine shampoo work ?

Do you suffer from hair loss? Are there some thinning areas forming on your scalp? This problem is familiar not only to men – lots of women of all ages also struggle with hair loss..

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is an undercut hair a solution to hide a hair loss

Undercut hair : a trendy solution to hide a hair loss ?

The iconic undercut hair is a hairstyle with a long history that grew favourably in fashion several times in the course of the past hundred years. Besides being a fashion statement..

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Taking biotin for hair: is it worth it or not ?

Did you know that in the UK alone around 40% of women and more than 30% of men over the age of 30 suffer from hair loss ? This problem is much more common than you might have thoug..

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How to stop hair thinning

Answering your hair questions: how to stop hair thinning

Each year, millions of men are affected by hair thinning. There are many who simply ignore it or don’t know that there are various solutions to their thinning hair. However, for ..

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What vitamins are best for hair growth

Hair loss is a very common and frustrating issue that may occur due to lots of <a href="https://bioha..

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what to eat in order to prevent hair loss

What should I eat to prevent hair loss?

As you may already know hair loss can have many roots</..

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what are the different types of hair loss

What are the different types of hair loss ?

Every person loses 70-100 hairs per day which is considered normal. A “true” hair loss only occurs when the amount of hair that falls are higher than those that grows. It is es..

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The most common hair loss causes explained

What are the different hair loss causes and how can they be treated?

A hair loss can have many causes.. For some cases a targeted therapy can help, others can be resolved by a little patience. The most severe cases can be treated through a hair tran..

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Is using a hair mask for hair loss an efficient solution

Does a hair mask for hair loss really works ?

Baldness issues are a problem for which one should always seek a proper treatment. Fortunately a lot of options are available nowadays, although find..

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Hair Transplant

hair transplant method

Which hair transplant method is best for you?

Have you noticed that you have been losing more hair recently? Does your scalp already show through at some areas on your head? Have you already tried many solutions to the problem..

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Treatment Of Hair Loss Inject

All you need to know about hair transplant success rate

There are many reasons why you might consider undergoing hair transplant surgery. Whether you want to try out this trendy procedure or correct a long-term defect, read on to find o..

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Removing scabs after a hair transplant

How to deal with scabs after a hair transplant surgery ?

It is quite normal for scabs to form after treatment. There is therefore no need to panic, because with the right methods the crusts can be removed easily and without residue. The ..

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When do the hair grow back after a hair transplant ?

For many a key question is when do hair regrows after a hair transplant ? By all means the physical condition of each individual is different. This is also reflected in the growth ..

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