Hair Transplant

A close up of a man’s head showing where he wants his hair restoration

What is Hair Restoration Surgery and How Long Does it Take?

Hair restoration is a popular aesthetic treatment for men and women who wish to restore their hair and reverse their hair loss. Although going grey and losing your hair are both na..

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hair transplant method

Which Hair Transplant Method is Best for You?

Have you noticed that you have been losing more hair recently? Is your scalp already visible through at some areas on your head? Have you already tried many solutions to the proble..

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Treatment Of Hair Loss Inject

All You Need to Know About Hair Transplant Success Rates

There are many reasons why you might consider undergoing hair transplant surgery. Whether you want to try out this trendy procedure or correct a long-term defect, read on to find o..

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Removing scabs after a hair transplant

How to Deal with Scabs After a Hair Transplant Surgery

It is quite normal for scabs to form after treatment. There is therefore no need to panic, because with the right methods the crusts can be removed easily and without residue. The ..

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When Does Hair Grow Back After a Hair Transplant?

For many a key question is when does hair regrow after a hair transplant? The physical condition of each individual is different and this is also reflected in the growth of transpl..

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