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Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Our packages – what’s included?

the micro fue technique


the prp treatment


4 stars luxury hotel included in our hair transplant cost


VIP transfer service for all our patients


english speaking interpreter


20 years guarantee included in our hair transplant cost


Alla our hair transplant cost included pre and post operation examinations and follow up


we provide all our patients with medecine


we also provide care products


24/7 service provided


Hair Transplant Turkey Cost – Pricing

The prices below include everything we mentioned above!

2000 Grafts

2500 Grafts

3000 Grafts

3500 Grafts

4000 Grafts

4500 Grafts

Maximum Grafts

Beard - 3000 Grafts

Beard - Maximum Grafts


Hair transplant costs – It was never as cheap as now!

Here at Biohairclinic, you can enjoy the best hair transplant surgery at nominal prices which start from 1499€ 1399€ for 2000 grafts. You would get lots of other benefits and discounts if you go for more grafts options at varied hair transplant costs which will be depending upon the package and number of grafts.

In different packages, you can see a slight difference in the technology that we follow along with the number of grafts. Not only for the hair transplantation, we have gained a good name for our effective treatment for beard hair transplantation or eye transplant as well.

These are also available in different packages that too at discounted Hair transplant prices. In our most of the hair transplant service, we provide a proper medication and care with a warranty, 24×7 service and many more to ensure you get the best result at never before cost of the hair transplant.

20 years guarantee included in our Hair Transplant Cost

A hair transplant has never been so affordable!

If you have ever considered a hair transplant being done abroad, then you shouldn’t look any further than the Biohair clinic. In Turkey, you’ll find the best prices, with trained expert and under perfect conditions. Among the many services we offer, there are whole packages, in which all relevant achievements and services are already included. Further, you can also book individual options.

We will support all your questions and needs with pleasure to help you to make the decision. Firstly, you are our main priority. If your wishes are clearly stated to us, then we can decide together how you’d like to achieve them. Our price calculation depends on the kind of the treatment.

Together, we will compile the best possible treatment for you and hence the price orientates itself. There is a price-list which already discloses the whole packages and the other prices of special meetings or other options. With the prices of the packages, you can see that all the things required, are already planned for.

Unanswered Questions?

Asking will cost you nothing. Just as the consultation and the professional hair analysis. What are you waiting for? Contact us today, we would like to help your with your issues!

Hair Transplant Cost depends on the treatment

The type of treatment will essentially determine the cost of the transplant (or how extensive it is). For example, prices will begin with 1.099£  if no more than 2500 Grafts are needed. Larger surfaces always need more Grafts, hence the price will automatically rise. An entire analysis of the places to be treated can be carried out physically only on site, however, sending in photos of the treatment areas, give us the possibility to judge this and present to you with a reliable quotation.

A quotation will consider all costs, in which we can judge before the treatment. Other costs may arise in certain cases, and these costs cannot be accounted for beforehand. The details of these costs can be discussed in consultations by telephone, when you call our hotline any time. As a rule, it can be related to medication or special continuation treatments. Nevertheless, these can be estimated only in the course of the intervention or the preliminary investigation and the aftercare. Therefore, they cannot be included in the quotation.

Short stay at the hospital

As a rule, the stay in the clinic is normally only a few hours long, larger treatments or a mega FUE treatment can last a little longer. However, you may assume that most transplants are mostly already concluded within one meeting. Regardless, our specialists may state that they can transplant up to 4000 Grafts by one single meeting only, with MEGA-FUE even more.

This is not only due to the fact of the technical expertise and the long-standing experience of our specialists, but also that the clinic is equipped with the very latest and high-quality technology. The medicine-technical equipment of the clinic corresponds to the highest as well as German as well as international standards and still excels this partially.

All of our technical devices are “Made in Germany” and are serviced on a regular basis. You can count on the fact that, including preliminary examination and transplant, you will not spend more than a few hours in the clinic.

Intensive preliminary investigation – included in the whole package

The intensive preliminary examination, which is also included in the price, is carried out in the clinic. Once more, and in all depth, the specialist will inform you once again thoroughly about the details of the PRP method, which is used with your hair transplant. The aftercare consists of the final examinations, in which, you also receive medication and nursing products.

Lodging, transport and support

Accomodations on site are provided. Further, we pick you up at the airport, and organize the transport for you from the hotel to the clinic and back. We also help for you with pleasure with the organisation of the rest.

An interpreter is ready for you, should there be linguistic barriers. Of course, you can also call our English-speaking hotline, at any time.


Use the hair calculator to get information about the required amount of graft. The process is completely free and without any obligations.

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