Why make an eyebrow transplant with Bio Hair Clinic?
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The Eyebrow Transplant with Bio Hair Clinic

The eyebrow transplant have become an increasingly popular operation in recent years. The grafting of follicular bulbs in the eyebrow is an operation that arose from the need to thicken and delineate sparse and thin eyebrows. In extreme cases it may even serve for partial or complete reconstruction.

As a matter of fact eyebrows play a fundamental role in our aesthetics. Especially since thick, lively eyebrows emphasize the eyes and depth to the face, thus constituting distinctive facial traits. Thanks to the progress of microsurgery, an excellent result can be obtained even in this very delicate part of the body.

This article will give you the fundamentals for this operation, how it works and whats to be expected.

What are the causes of thinning

eyebrow implant causes of thinning

The causes of the thinning of the eyebrows are multiple. The majority of the “victims” afflicted by this problem are women, as they are more subject to unregulated use of beauty tools. The classic tweezers, harmless in themselves, can damage the eyebrows when used excessively and can lead to the weakening of many hair bulbs, which become sterile.

Among the other causes of thinning, we find complications of a medical and nervous nature, in particular :

  • Burns, accidents or traumas
  • Illnesses
  • Physiological problems
  • Missed natural development
  • Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery
  • Natural aging

A last, more unusual cause is called trichotillomania: a nerve syndrome that can be traced back to a real obsessive compulsive disorder that causes people to tear their hair and hair.

Who can make an eyebrow transplant ?

Please note that it is always necessary to consult a doctor (or a psychotherapist) before any aesthetic intervention. Given that anyone can undergo this kind of operation, men and women. However, following the same principles as capillary surgery, the grafting of hair bulbs requires a base of hair that will be used as a “donor area”.

To be chosen, the bulbs must generate only one hair (some may even contain up to 3-4). The hair must also be strong enough and often able to support the graft. The lack of suitable hair may compromise the final result and for this reason the intervention is not recommended for those who do not have it. Unsure about if your donor area is suitable ? Then don’t hesitate to ask our experts for advice, who will give you a free consultation.

Once this have been validated, the next step is to choose the surgery technique that will be performed by the surgeon.

The eyebrow implant surgery procedure

the eyebrow transplant surgery procedureFor eyebrows, the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) is used, This hair transplant technique works by collecting the necessary grafts in order to implement them in the desired zone through the use of a micromotor.

Each eyebrow requires the transfer of approximately 150-200 follicular units. The follicles are then transplanted individually after they have been cleaned of dermal particles.

The transplant phase is very delicate as the surgeon must know the adequate inclination of growth of the eyebrow hairs. Those follow a curved line that starts from the nasal bridge and reaches an angle of about 45 degrees at the ends.

The expected final result is however agreed upon before the actual operation begins. At this stage our staff will help you choose the result that best enhances your face. A properly performed transplant allows for a harmonious and natural effect.

Mainly thanks to an almost painless operation performed under local anesthetic, that takes about 3 hours and leaves no scars.


The eyebrow implant surgery procedure

Unlike other operations, there is no period of convalescence after a eyebrow transplant and it rarely requires a second session. You will be immediately sent home after and can resume straight away with your daily routine. For the first 3 weeks you will only have to pay attention to those recommendations :

  • Do not expose the eyebrows to caustic substances, such as chlorine or dyes
  • Avoid excessive sweating (saunas, intense sports)
  • Prevent shampoo from coming into contact with the eyebrows
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays from the solarium
  • Do not scratch or remove the crusts that will form naturally during healing

By following these rules you will get permanent and brilliant results.

The healing phase

After an eyebrow transplant the natural crusts that form will naturally fall within a week. Subsequently you will lose the hair that has not caught on well but you should not worry. It is a natural consequence of the hair cycle and they will grow back. The regrowth will be completed within 12 months and your new eyebrows will be more beautiful and stronger than ever.

Attention must be paid to one element in particular: the transplanted follicles posses the same physiological characteristics that they previously had. Simply put, they will grow and behave as they have always done. It will therefore be necessary to take care to cut and adjust the length of the new hair with the help of scissors. This in order to avoid disproportionate growth.

What is the price of an eyebrow transplant ?

As anticipated, this surgery procedure is an operation that works on both numbers and precision. Prices are significantly influenced by the size of the transplant, the legislation and the offer in the country where the service is purchased. 

Turkey with its tradition in the field of aesthetic surgery, its competitive prices and favorable tax regime is an ideal location to perform a hair surgery. Are you interested or want to know more ? Then contact our consultants to find all about hair or eyebrow transplants. They will happily clear any doubts you may have about eyebrow implants and our related services.


Use the hair calculator to get information about the required amount of graft. The process is completely free and without any obligations.

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