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Bio Grafts

The special feature in our clinic – Bio Grafts

What makes hair transplants at our clinic so unique, besides our specialists, who have extensive experience, the precise work and the total care you receive from us is the use of BioGrafts.

Bio Grafts is the treatment provided to your hair in our clinic. During every transplant the hair spends a required period apart from the body before it can be transplanted.  We keep this separation time to an absolute minimum so that the hair will have the greatest chance of full integration into healthy skin. However, we have also made a big improvement.

Our own development – to your advantage

At our clinic in Istanbul, we use a special formula solution rich in Biotin for the preservation and nurturing of the extracted hair.  Immediately following extraction, the single hair groups (grafts) are immersed in our specially developed formula solution, and they remain there until they are re-implanted. The containers are kept in cold storage, which slows down the degradative intracellular processes – while the hair roots are in the cold, the degradative intracellular process cannot take place. The special solution also provides nutrients to hair roots and stimulates the growth process of the cells, thus directly counteracting the degradative intracellular processes. The combination ensures fresh hair roots which can adapt themselves to their new environment. Not only that, the solution stimulates cell growth and accelerates the growth of the hair when it is in the scalp again.

BioGrafts – for a special vitality of your hair transplant

With our special formula solution, rich in Biotin and nutrients, the transplanted hair will enjoy a swift integration. It will almost seem as if the hair roots had never left the scalp. You will notice the difference when you see that the new hair grows faster than it would be possible without the solution.  Your skin will heal very quickly and be less irritated. Please feel free to contact us on our hotline or by email for any questions you may have.  Contact us to arrange for a consultation appointment today!

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