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Many people might find themselves one day dealing with the subject of hair loss. This may because of physiological reasons, like hormonal disturbances, or have been caused also by external effects. In any case, one can take the possibility of a hair transplant into consideration. There are many questions all around the hair transplant. Let us start with the first ones.

What exactly is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a process in which a specialist of aesthetic dermatology moves hair from a healthy and hairy place to a bald place of the head. Usually the specialist moves hair of the back or the sides of the head to the front or to the upper part of the head. This transplant occurs with real hair. Nevertheless, it can also be done with artificial hair.

Hair transplants are usually carried out in a hospital or a medical practice and under local anesthesia. The practice to move hair from one place to the others (transplant) is known in the western world officially since the 50s, however, it has been known elsewhere much longer.

FUE Hair Transplant

Hair Transplants are not new

The hair transplant is much older than generally thought. The first hair transplants reportedly go back to the 18th century. It is possible that these attempts, successful or not, have taken place much further and that however, no reports exist. In 1939, a Japanese dermatologist reported for the first time about a so-called punch technology he applied on fire victims to transplant hair pieces. Since then, a lot has happened in this field.

Which possibilities of a hair transplant exist?

Nowadays, we have various possibilities to transplant hair. The most often used and also most successful methods are described below. These methods are used in our clinic and are carried out there for many years by our specialists. These methods are those we find best for our patients – the methods are most successful and which according to our experience are the least painful and with the least amount of complications. At the moment, the best known methods for a hair transplant are the FUT/FUI-and the FUE method. These methods are being used by us in Istanbul.

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