Hair Transplant Turkey FAQ

Does a consultation take place before the surgery? Where does the consultation take place? What is the cost for a consultation?
A free long-distance consultation will take place before you book your appointment. Treatments are carried out before surgery in the clinic in Istanbul.
How do I know which treatment is the best for me?
If you send us photos of the preferred areas to be treated and describe your situation, we will discuss your possibilities and together decide on the best treatment for you.
How can I contact you?
You can contact us via email, phone or WhatsApp at any time.
How do I know that the clinic is reliable?
The Istinye Hospital in Istanbul is located in one of Turkey’s major hospitals and enjoys excellent reputation throughout Europe.
How qualified are your specialists
Our specialist in hair transplants is one of the leading specialists worldwide in plastic-aesthetic surgery.
How do I arrange an appointment?
Contact us on our free hotline or send us an email or Whatsapp message. We will immediately contact you to set up an appointment or book in advance for longer term treatment.
How long is the treatment?
Depending on extent and type of treatment, it may take at least five hours, or a little longer. This will be discussed before the appointment and before the actual treatment.
What happens during the surgery?
In every case, a local anaesthetic shall be administered to the bodily regions being treated. For details please read the information on the respective types of treatment. In any case, you should hardly feel anything, and music/tv is available for distraction.
Do I have to cut my hair before the surgery?
This completely depends on the treatment and in many cases, your hair doesn’t need to be cut.
How long does the transplant last?
We guarantee the transplanted hair for a period of 30 years.
Will I have to take days off from work?
You will need to spend between three to five days in Turkey, and hence, you will probably have to take time off.
Where will I stay? Do I have to pay extra costs for accommodation?
You will be accommodated at a four-star hotel in Turkey. The lodging will be reserved for you from one day before the surgery to five days after, as long as you will require to be near the clinic. The stay varies, according to the treatment. The costs for the hotel included in the package you book with us.
How do I get to Turkey?
You have to book your own flight to Turkey, and we will be delighted to help you with the organization process. The earlier you book your flight, the higher your chances for a very affordable price. The flight is not included in the costs of the treatment package.
Who organizes my stay?
We will organize everything in Istanbul for you via our website – except how you spend your free time.
How long do I have to stay in Istanbul/ in the clinic?
The stay in Instanbul varies according to the treatment, from three to five days on site. You will not stay overnight at the clinic, but can return to your hotel right after the surgery.
Will I be picked up?
We will organize transport from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the clinic for you. You needn’t worry about a thing.
How do I get to the clinic?
We will organize transport to the clinic
Does the staff in the clinic speak English?
An interpreter will be on site all during your stay, so you should not encounter any language problems.
How much does the hair transplant cost?
Prices vary, and we will be delighted to discuss them with you.
How is the price calculated?
The price will depend on treatment method chosen. Please see our price list.
How does payment work?
To reserve an appointment, a 20% deposit of the total sum must be made. Unfortunately, we do not offer a payment by rates.
How long in advance must I book an appointment?
You may wish to book your appointment a few weeks in advance, so that you can be sure of the desired appointment time.