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The Bio Hair Clinic – A somewhat unusual company history

“The story of the birth of the Bio Hair Clinic is not ordinary and that’s why it’s different. It does not start as usual with a “Once upon a time”, but with a militant “It’s about to happen.” We take you on a trip with Dr. Ibrahim Salameh – a doctor who convinces not only by his words, but especially by his actions. And since our widely respected surgeon is too modest to tell, we tell you his story here.
  • 2000 is the year in which Dr. Ibrahim makes his first step towards becoming a professional doctor. He begins his medical studies at the Ege University in the Turkish city of Izmir. But his potential had to fall by the wayside; due to family circumstances and wars in Jordan. Dr. Ibrahim had to halt his studies in 2003 in order to focus on his family.
  • Dr. Ibrahim is a man of will and principles, and not only in the fulfillment of his family duties. It is also reflected in his tenacity as he returned to his medical studies in 2007. There, as fate would have it, he meets Dr. Abdulaziz Balwi who is soon to become one of his closest friend and colleague. Dr. Balwi is today the chief surgeon of well known hair transplant company Elithairtransplant, based in Istanbul.
  • 2011 is the year where Dr. Ibrahim successfully completed his studies. But there is one thing that our ambitious doctor has not yet tackled: his own hair loss. Soon, Dr. Ibrahim dwelved intensively with the hair loss and hair transplantation topics. It did not take long for him to specialize in this field and find a calling as a hair surgeon. This is followed by his first operations in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Turkey. Wherever he went, Dr. Ibrahim has always been recognized as a loyal, principled, and warm hearted physician.
  • In the year 2015, Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Balwi’s path would cross again. Dr. Ibrahim joined the team of Elithairtransplant and proved his skills as a doctor. The collaboration continued for two years, where Dr. Ibrahim also gave lectures to pass on his expertise to future generations.
  • In 2017 Dr. Ibrahim Salameh joined the Bio Hair Clinic not only as a patient but also as senior physician and coordinator. Today, he says, Bio Hair Clinic is in a friendly competition with Elithairtransplant. A sign of warmth and loyalty that is rare in the highly competitive hair transplant industry.

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