ICE Grafts

ICE grafts – how to increase the vitality of the hair transplant

There are different methods to transplant hair. In addition, there are still different kinds to treat the hair groups or follicles to be transplanted before transplanting them. One of it is the so-called ICE grafts. This method does not differ from the other methods of the transplant; it differs only in how the graft is treated before transferring. It is a small, but very essential difference, because the result is quite visible after a relatively short time. First the grafts are taken by means of the FUE method. During the operation, these grafts are then being put in a solution prepared by us and are kept at a specific, very cold temperature. This pretreatment is very effective as the text below indicates.

The ICE graft treatment is very special but effective

With the help of the ICE graft treatment the structure of the hair roots that are implanted are strengthened and thereby their lifespan is extended. It is virtually an ice shock which is given to the hair group. At the same time it is preserved in a solution which has an extreme growth-starting effect. The solution, rich in Biotin, supplies and holds the hair groups vital and also stimulates the growth process in the cells. The ice shock, and the components of the solution, fight against free radicals, the grafts are better protected and can be transplanted free of pollutants to the new tissue. The icy temperature plays a very important role in this process, that’s why the procedure has its name: ICE grafts.

Now the ICE grafts get transplanted

Now the follicles are inserted at the places to be treated. They adapt themselves fast to the body warmth and prepare for growth. The ice shock has also anti-inflammatory effect when both temperatures, body warmth and ICE grafts, meet. The ICE graft method has a positive effect in the long run of the recovery, and also on the growth of the transplanted follicles.

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