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Dr. Ibrahim – Our Chief Hair Surgeon

The FUE Hair Transplant with Bio Hair and Dr. Ibrahim

This technique is currently one of the most advanced and innovative methods of hair transplantation worldwide. The FUE hair transplantation can be subdivided into a manual and a mechanical technique using a micromotor.

While complete hair strips were removed from the scalp during FUT hair transplantation, FUE hair transplantation uses only single hair roots. For this purpose, up to four grafts are taken under local anesthesia using a hollow needle with a diameter of 0.7 to 0.9 mm.

The removed grafts are placed in a nutrient solution until final transplantation. During their subsequent transplantation, the treating physician makes fine incisions / slits in the hair canals, where the hair roots are then implanted using tweezers or a hypodermic needle.

Our goal is to even surpass your expectations of a professional hair transplant and to inspire you with our result! Are you curious? Then contact us!

Dr. Ibrahim - Our Chief Hair Surgeon

Hair transplantation by Dr. Ibrahim

Dr. Ibrahim was able to find his way into the hair transplant industry soon after graduating from Ege University in Izmir, Turkey. In addition to his sensitivity to hair transplants, Dr. Ibrahim also a hand for inpatient and outpatient patients and cared for over 3000 injured soldiers.

Without losing sight of his goal, Dr. Ibrahim undergoes numerous training and development programs on hair transplantation and stays informed of the latest technologies. He follows the latest hair transplantation methods with great interest in order to offer his patients the most modern standard.

With a constant quality in mind Dr. Ibrahim has already cared for over 3000 satisfied patients. Dr. Ibrahim has become an expert in the field of hair transplantation and continues to strive to perfect his work.

The Bio Hair Clinic at Istinye Hospital offers more than 7 different transplantation methods for men and women. Those consists of hair transplants, but also for beard transplant and eyebrow transplant.


1997 Baqaa Jordan High School
1998 Jordan Unified University Enterance Exam (TAWJİHİ)
Succeeded with grade 94
1999 Ankara University –Turkish Language Education Center
Awarded advanced 3 certificate with grade 8/10
2011 Ege University –Faculty of medicine
Graduate with M.D certificate
2012 Jordanian medical council
M.D certificate equivalence in unified exam of medical performace

Work experience

2012-2017 University of Bezmia, Faculty of Medicine – İstanbul

  • Established the health tourism and the hair transplant department
  • Leading senior physician for hair transplantation
  • Provided more than 3,000 war-injured patients (inpatient and outpatient) and more than 4,000 normal patients (inpatient and outpatient).
  • Application of quality and process improvement techniques
  • Cooperation, communication and coordination with all attending physicians and nursing staff
  • Safe transition of patient care within the hospital and from the hospital to the community, including the monitoring of care in post-acute care facilities

2015-2017 Faculty of Health Sciences – Bezmia Foundation University

  • Lecturer: MD. İbrahim Salameh
  • Duration: 14 weeks
  • Course Topic: Hair Transplant, Health Turizm and Medical Terminology

Prince Hussain Public Hospital Amman

  • Involved in the medical Polyklink
  • Three months in general surgery
  • Two months in pediatrics
  • Two months in gynecology
  • Three months in internal medicine
  • One month in emergency care
  • One month in ophthalmology
Best Doctor for FUE hair transplant

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Transplant Cost

Our affordable Bio FUE hair implantation starts from 1399 €


Use the hair calculator to get information about the required amount of graft. The process is completely free and without any obligations.

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