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PRP Treatment

PRP treatment with the hair transplant

With Biohair and PRP there are no mysteries, the preparations and types of treatment which we develop and apply in our clinic (with our own formula) ensure you can get back to having lovely, thick hair again.

We call it Biohair because your own hair is treated during the operation, by extraction and transplanting it at the bald spot and then treated with a solution that contains Biotin. This solution was developed by us and it is what allows your hair to stay healthy during the operation, integrate itself and grow strongly in the new place.

PRP with the wound healing

PRP treatment with Bio Hair ClinicPRP supports the wound healing of the many tiny stings which you receive during the transplant. During the past years, one heard much about a preparation called PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) and its possible effectiveness in the treatment of injuries.

In fact, one has most likely heard good things about this treatment and notably from the sports world, that the biggest stars undergo treatments with PRP. Known sportsmen like Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal and many others have trusted PRP and allow their doctors to apply this method in the treatment of injuries.

PRP has a place in the treatment of the athletes and is a help for the most different injuries like sprained knees or chronic injuries of the tendons. Many of the sportsmen have ascribed their quicker recovery and return to the sport to the use of PRP. Even PRP is known to the public, however, there are still questions surrounding it, obviously.

Now: What exactly is PRP and why do we apply it with the hair transplant?

As already described on another of our web pages, PRP is used at the time of the hair transplant because it promotes the recovery and causes a quicker healing of the small wounds.

What is PRP:

Blood is primarily a liquid (called plasma). It also contains small firm components, which are red cells, white cells and platelets. The platelets are known, not only among doctors, best of all for her ability to support the coagulation. Indeed, these platelets also contain hundreds of proteins called the growth factors which play an important role with the healing of injuries.

PRP is plasma, which contains higher amounts of platelets than what one usually finds in blood. The concentration of the platelets has amazing growth factors which can be between 5 and 10 times higher than normal. This is what makes the PRP so valuable in the wound healing.

PRP supports the healing and vitalizes scalp and hair.

To develop a PRP preparation, blood must be taken from the patient first. Following this, is the important part, in which the thrombocytes are separated from the leucocytes. The thrombocytes are responsible for the quick healing. However, the magical effect of this preparation does not stop there.

With this treatment, no risks are connected

There is absolutely no risk for you when you are being treated with your own blood. No allergy or other negative reactions can appear. You get merely the advantages of seeing how quickly the small wounds heal and how your new hair wonderfully adapts to itself. In addition, your own blood, treated in this manner, has a rejuvenating and refreshing effect on your scalp and other hair loss is drastically reduced. The tissue around the places where we inject your own blood again in the body is renewed much faster and as a result, grows the healthy strong hair which firmly sits in the scalp.

Determining advantages of the treatment with PRP

The important advantages of the PRP preparation, although we are still currently studying the subject, are the following:

  • The follicles which are planted in your scalp have a longer lifespan and the bio-treatment has an accelerating effect on the hair, which establishes itself faster and better, thus connecting itself with the tissue firmly.
  • Quick healing of the tissue. The small wounds recover a lot faster so the new hair can grow together with other hairs.

  • When the PRP is injected into the scalp, an immediate effect on the vitality of the hair follicles appears. Not only the healing of the wound is accelerated, but also the follicles are stimulated to the growth.)


Use the hair calculator to get information about the required amount of graft. The process is completely free and without any obligations.

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