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Bio FUE-Technique

What is Biohair?

Biohair is the concept of the process through which the hair goes during your hair transplant. This process is a very well coordinated treatment of different actions, which literally is a “health push” to the hair whilst it waits to be used to be transplanted to the new spots. During a hair transplant hair is first taken from a healthy place. This hair should be reinstated later. We use the period which the hair spends outside of the scalp to spoil it with a vital treatment. Theoretically, the hair could simply be waiting for the transplant, however, we have decided to use this period positively. The many years of experience in the field of hair transplant and also transplant of body hair led to the fact that the specialists had a closer look at the whole process to find out where one could improve something else. In principle, a hair transplant is also possible without Biohair treatment, and is carried out like this by many experts. Look at it as an extra, an additional treatment produced by our team, which has a recreational and renewal value for your hair as it has one week at the health resort hotel for you.

Our speciality – FUE Biohair

The Biohair treatment has been developed by us especially. The solution contains active substances which promote the hair or the cell growth and help to stop the hair loss or to slow it down. Because this solution was developed by us, we would not like to reveal the details, nevertheless, we can betray that in particular Biotin plays an important role. Biotin a natural active substance, also known under the name Vitamin B7, B8 or vitamin H. Biotin is an organic molecule, covalent with the enzymes responsible for the hair and provides everything that is needed for a healthy hair. Biotin is also in the nucleus and important for the epigenetic regulation of the genetic function. In combination with the other active substances, the Biotin works like a fountain of youth on the hair and provides thus for quick growth, quick integration and rapid substitute of dwindling hair at the treated places. Our specialists are very proud of the product of your researches and experiments and we are glad if we can apply our knowledge in the area of the hair transplant to the advantage of our patients.

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